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Registered: ‎05-08-2018

how to initialise SGMII Ethernet on virtex 7 vc707 evalution board using ISE 14.7



I am working on virtex 7 vc707 evaluation board. I am trying initialise axi ethernet IP using ISE 14.7. after EDK build exported to SDK. in SDK i am taking iwip echo server application but it is giving an error no such file or diroctory lwip/err.h regarding include files in bsp. How to get those files.


first of all I want to know few things regarding this evaluation board..


1) Does VC707 virtex evaluation board support RGMII?


If it dose not support, then how should I initialise SGMII mose in ethernet IP core using ISE 14.7 


2) Dose ISE 14.7 support  AXI ethernet ip with SGMII mode


i already initialised AXI ethernet embedded IP with SGMII mode. but include files didn't update in board support package of lwip .



please help me out from this issue.


thanks and regards


Rahul viru






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