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Registered: ‎06-11-2019

problem finding the location of the"CR_SSDECEN" bit

i'm trying to make communicate the pynq with the NRF24L01 rf module using spi; i discovered that the rf module uses the SS signal of the spi as "chip select not" to enable the trasmission of data (when csn goes from high to low modules can communicate, otherwise not). i was reading the xpsips.c file in sdk to understand the behaviour of the ss signal and i found that it is affected by the value of CR_SSDECEN bit since if it is 0 the ss value is low, while if CR_SSDECEN is 1 the ss output depends on the slave selected. My question is, can i force the CR_SSDECEN bit to 0 or 1 to make vary the ss output so that rf module can receive and trasmit data, and if this is possible, where can i find the location of the CR_SSDECEN?

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