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Registered: ‎07-15-2020

stuck at Xil_DCacheDisable() before SD_init() and Xil_DCacheEnable() after Write .bin to SD card

I am trying the dynamic partial reconfiguration by HWICAP using the given example 4 from xilinix.

Before SD_Init and writting  (.bin) files to HwIcap the Xil_DCacheDisable(); is called and after that the Xil_DCacheEnable() function is called.

The problem appear during debugging in these functions as they take enormous time and the program is stuck in one of them in most of trial I still on Xil_DCacheDisable() during debugging , in one trial the program passed these stage and I stuck again in Xil_DCacheEnable().

Can we do the work without them? and why we use them?

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