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Registered: ‎01-19-2019

writing and reading AXI memory mapped FIFO with sdk


I have connected ZYNQ 7000 GP0 and GP1 to several AXI-Stream FIFO(4.2).

I am trying to read and write to them with the built in Functions Xil_Out32/Xil_In32.

I am able to read and write,to some of the fifo registers! and i can see them at the memory

As you know, there is a Register in this fifo at Base_add+0x20. When i am going to this address at the memory i can see some of the register as for example the Transmit Data FIFO Vacancy (TDFV) , and i can see the value is valid and right.

The problem is that the AXI STREAM FIFO Base address+0x20 - which is the "Receive Data FIFO 32-bit Wide Data Read Port (RDFD)" as it says at the document is found in the memory as "????????" and some other registers too.

not to mention that i cant read them! if i am trying it goes to some data exception and getting stuck.

1. so how to i read the data that the fifo received  if i can't even see that register?

2. maybe i need to reset something?

3. is there a simple working example for this read and write proccess?( because the example project u gave on the site doesn't even compile!!!!!)



ofer keren

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Registered: ‎01-19-2019

Re: writing and reading AXI memory mapped FIFO with sdk

is there any way to read the AXI FIFO??

how can i READ an AXI FIFO???

while trying reading i just get an error handler and no data return

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