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Registered: ‎12-23-2008

xapp 1026 design connection problem at 1 Gbps


Hi all,


I am fairly new to lwip and temac applications and hope that someone can help me.  I started my design from the xapp 1026 using edk 11.1 on the ML507 evaluation broad.  My problem is that the temac seems to drop arp responses from the host computer during the connection step with an iperf server running.  In any case, the symptoms is that neither tcp_connect (in raw mode) nor lwip_connect (in socket mode) works.  I can ping the broad and that is ok.   I can see the Rx LED going on when I make multiple connection requests.  I set break points in the lldma_recv_handler and the they are never hit.  I tried my own design and also the design directly from the "ready-for-download" directory in the reference design.  The same behaviors are seen.  This problem occurs when I set the network adaptor speed to 1Gbps (the broad detect the speed correctly as indicated by the LED).  I found that connection was never made at this speed.  However, when I force the network adaptor to run at 100 Mbps, everything is perfect and connection is instantneous and transfer works perfectly.  The host computer is an Innova thinkpad and the adapter is a Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Driver.  I am now trying also with a dell workstation with a different gigabit ethernet adaptor and seems to see the same problem too.  Anyone has similar experience and is there something that I can do (either with the hardware/software design on the ML507 side or adaptor settings on the host computer side)?  If the problem is ethernet adaptor specific, what adaptors on the market that some of you may have good experience with?  I will get the same (I saw that the app note suggest Intel 82572ei but are there other ones that can work?  I hate to be tied to a specific ethernet adaptor.   It would be good to know what are the requirements for a working adaptor.


Thank you so much for any input that you may help!


Best, Peter


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