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Newbie mwin774
Registered: ‎07-03-2017

ARM TrustZone on ZC702

Hi there,

I've conducting a project on SoC security and want to implement the TrustZone example provided by ARM on the zc702 board.

I have DS-5 and SDK available, I've run into troubles with both.

While being able to compile the code as 2 projects on DS-5(normal & secure worlds) using ARM C Compiler 5; I do not have a DSTREAM to program directly to the board (They are awfully expensive). I then tried to use SDK to achieve the same results, however SDK is lacking the correct compiler and doesn't agree with the code (Which compiled successfully on DS-5). Also, the SDK compiler (Xilinx ARM v7 gcc) requires linker scripts as apposed to the provided scatter files which I've become familiar with.

What is the best way to proceed?

Thankyou in advance!

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