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Visitor younes94500
Registered: ‎10-22-2019

Best way to do float calculs on Zedbord

Hi everyone,

I am currently realizing a project on  Zedboard Zynq 7000 (with a Artix-9 dual core FPGA), and i have a C code with a lot of float pointing calculs which i'm executing on the PS. I want to get better performances by making the calculs on FPGA. I need to send a lot of data (float numbers) from PS and make the calculs (addition and multiplication) on PL then resend the reults to the PS. I am struggling with accesing BRAM in VHDL user logic to read the data written by PS. I want also to use floating point IP to optimise my calculs but i don't know ho to access to the data sent by PS.

 I would be very thankul if you could recommend me some examples of BRAM access in VHDL or how to use the floating point IP.


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