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Visitor abdo.gaber
Registered: ‎03-07-2018

Cannot connect to two Microblaze debug modules (MDM) using two Users (for example USER2 and USER3) using Vivado and SDK 17.2

Hi All,

A simple Microblaze project has been created on Vivado, where the Microblaze debug module(MDM) has been configured to have USER2 (the default). Another project has been created, it is the same, however, its Microblaze debug module (MDM) has been configured to have USER3.  The resulting hdf files have been imported to have two SDK projects. Project1 can be executed well while project2 shows the following error message:


"no targets found with "name =~ "microblaze*#0" && bscan=="USER3"  && jtag_cable_name =~ "Platform Cable USB 0000105c9e2f01"". available targets:
  1* xc7vx485t
     2  MicroBlaze Debug Module at USER2
        3  MicroBlaze #0 (Running)


The question is how can I configure the USER from SDK side in each project (for example clip1: USER2 and clip2: USER3). I tried to use the instructions presented in (https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/64003.html), however, it is related to old SDK 15.3


For the hardware: A single Jtag and FPGA (oxc7vx485tffg1158-3) is connected to the platform. The software versions are:

Vivado 17.2

SDK 17.2



Best Regards



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