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Observer rodmcinnis
Registered: ‎08-01-2018

Coregen SPI block

I am working on a Spartan 6 design and need to add a SPI interface so that I can support remote upgrade of the serial configuration Flash.


I have ISE 14.7 installed, everything else is working fine, I can have built the basic FPGA image, have the design basically working.  Just need to add the SPI block.  After web searches I have found reference to "LogiCORE IP XPS Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)(v2.02a) " which sounds like it would do the trick.


I launch Coregen and but there is no SPI block listed.  No UARTs or I2C either, which is surprising.  After more searching I found where I can add the UART and IIC interfaces in the 'manage license' tab of the product licensing web page.  But there is still no SPI block that I can find.


Is it part of something else, or named something that I am not recognizing?


On a side note, as I mentioned above this is a Spartan 6 with the built in PCIe core and configures with the SPI serial flash.  This seems like it would be a very common arrangement. Is there any 'share ware' software available that would do the remote upgrade via the PCIe bus?



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Registered: ‎07-31-2012

Re: Coregen SPI block

Hi @rodmcinnis,


AFAIK, there is xps_spi block in XPS's IP catalog to add in the design directly or  enable from BSB while building hardware design.




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