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Observer tallman18
Registered: ‎05-01-2008

Custom IP on PLB

Hi, I am trying to add a custom ip on PLB however I got some troubles.

The platform used is



   EDK/SDK 13.4.


I created a template using "Create or Import... " wizard. The custom ip is based on memory spaces, phase timer is not included. Custom ip gets the read/write requests the drives the external memory. When the external memory acknowledges the ip then it acknowledges the PLB and so on. I analyzed the example memory code and drive the PLB signals(data bus and ack.) in a similar way. The  IP2Bus_RdAck signal is driven for 1-clk-cycle so I did the same in my code. However sometimes I read wrong data, so I debugged the PLB signals and get the attached view. I tried several things like giving long ack. signal but it didnt worked. I dont know where I am wrong.  I am really stucked at this point and cant go on. Any helps appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.


Note: Since I couldnt use internet on the PC that I work, I tried to draw thw signals myself.

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