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Visitor jonatanp
Registered: ‎08-04-2014

Debugging both Zynq ARM cores simultaneously hangs

Hello Everyone!


I’m developing bare metal application that utilize both Zynq zc706 ARM cores simultaneously by running different instances on each core. both instances communicate each other using OCM.


I'm having trouble debugging those instances in parallel: using GDB debugging method, I'm having a “freeze”  situation (means that the debugger acts like he is executing the same source code line for every step) in the first instance  right after the second instance load completes, while the second instance runs without any difficulty.


using “System Debugger” I do able to debug both instance in parallel. but sometimes the debugger says that “the CPU is not in know state”  and have me to reset my entire system.


needless to say - while debugging each instance by herself I get no similar results. the run performs perfectly.


I suspect that my application overwrite GDB memory (as I run in the same address space in bare metal), can you please share with me the usable memory (OCM/DDR) address in Zynq? are there any reserved ones that I should be aware of?


Thank you.



Best Regards,


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