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Scholar pumaju1808
Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Error generating BSP for input interrupt vector


I have an error when trying to generate BSP related to "can't read "source_name(3)": no such element in array"

I realized that this only happens when I put an input vector , see In0[4:0] input


However if I change the input to 1-bit vector, I mean In0[0:0], then I don't have any problem on generating the BSP

Why is this? 

What is the solution on accepting an input interrupt vector ?


Complete ERROR message:

11:34:12 ERROR : (XSDB Server)ERROR: [Hsi 55-1545] Problem running tcl command ::sw_intc_v3_5::generate : can't read "source_name(3)": no such element in array
while executing
"string compare -nocase $source_name($i) "system""
("foreach" body line 17)
invoked from within
"foreach periph $periphs {
#update global array of Interrupt sources for this periph
intc_update_source_array $periph

lappend ..."
(procedure "xredefine_intc" line 17)
invoked from within
"xredefine_intc $drv_handle $file_handle"
(procedure "xdefine_canonical_xpars" line 71)
invoked from within
"xdefine_canonical_xpars $drv_handle "xparameters.h" "Intc" "DEVICE_ID" "C_BASEADDR" "C_HIGHADDR" "C_KIND_OF_INTR" "C_HAS_FAST" "C_IVAR_RESET_VALUE" "C..."
(procedure "::sw_intc_v3_5::generate" line 57)
invoked from within
"::sw_intc_v3_5::generate microblaze_0_axi_intc"
ERROR: [Hsi 55-1442] Error(s) while running TCL procedure generate()

11:34:12 ERROR : (XSDB Server)ERROR: [Hsi 55-1450] Error: running generate_bsp.

11:34:12 ERROR : Error generating bsp sources: Failed in generating sources

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Scholar pumaju1808
Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Re: Error generating BSP for input interrupt vector

Any hint how to tackle this issue please?

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Scholar pumaju1808
Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Re: Error generating BSP for input interrupt vector

I realized that when I connect an "official" interrupt pin to concat block (for example from one GPIO intr output) , the concat pin automatically inherit property CONFIG.X , where the type interrupt and width are created, like this:


However if in the other concat pin I just do "make external" input, that CONFIG.X property doesn't appear


From here I have 2 questions:

1. How can I "create" or make this property appear in my input external with tcl commands?

2. If I try to change the SENSIVITY , it doesn't allow me, this property of the pin is read-only, how can I change the sensivity to LOW for example?



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