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Registered: ‎05-14-2017

FIFO Generator in AXI Interface in Read Mode

I'm using the FIFO Generator V13.2 in AXI Interface mode. 

This FIFO has a Master and Slave Interface and is connectted to a Layer-3 ERNIC IP.

This Layer-3 IP has many AXI Master interface which I will be connecting to many corresponding AXI-FIFOs.

Writing is straight forward by using the AXI Write Channel to write to the FIFO.on the Slave side. This in effect will pass the data to the FIFO on Master side and the User can read them also by using the Write Channel.

But Reading by the Layer-3 IP on the Master side is not straight forward. The User cannot fill the FIFO first on the opposite Side with read data  because the FIFO has to wait for the Layer-3 IP to initiate a read request on the AXI-Read Channel because he is the Master. Is this a drawback of the AXI-FIFO in the Read Channel Mode since we cannot fill the FIFO with data. It has to wait for the Master to issue a Read before the User can fill the FIFO?

Is it possible to fill the FIFO first with read data before the Master request a read command. 

It seem like we have to wait until the Master issues a Read command before the user can fill the FIFPO 

Is there another way around this??

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Registered: ‎05-14-2017

Re: FIFO Generator in AXI Interface in Read Mode

any support on this question would be appreciated on the AXI-FIFO 

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