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Registered: ‎01-28-2020

Fpga game console

Hey guys

is there a solution to implement a 32 bit game console on fpga are there any companies specializing in doing this work


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Registered: ‎04-26-2015

Re: Fpga game console

Not really. Hobbyists use FPGAs for emulating really old consoles sometimes. FPGAs make sense here for two main reasons:

- Relatively easy hardware to reverse-engineer. We're talking about CPUs with thousands of transistors in them, and minimal other hardware (there's often no "GPU", and the sound chip is just a tone generator).

- Ability to use original hardware. An FPGA can be set up to talk to (for example) a NES cartridge, whereas persuading a CPU to do that would be very hard.


The general consensus seems to be that, with an awful lot of work, it might be possible to do a Playstation-on-FPGA. However, the work involved is unlikely to be worthwhile given that there are plenty of decent software emulators (or you can just buy a PS1 or PS2 for <$50).


For designing a new console, you'll get better performance per dollar (and per watt) from a "conventional" CPU + GPU pair. I expect that even a mobile phone SoC could give you better performance than a big FPGA with a soft-processor and soft-GPU at a fraction of the cost and power. In addition, if you do it all in the FPGA then you have to write the whole development toolchain; if you just buy an off-the-shelf ARM SoC then you get access to the well-developed, widely-known ARM toolchain.

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Registered: ‎07-23-2019

Re: Fpga game console


"32 bit game console on FPGA"

Let's take it bit by bit: 32-bit sounds to processor to me. In that case, use that processor. Most game consoles use standard processors (ARM, etc)

"on FPGA". It seems to be fashionable to "fpga-ize" things. Why? FPGAs are more expensive than CPUs and development costs more as well. Honestly, my professional advice is to choose an FPGA only if a CPU cannot do the job. Learning and having fun are valid reasons, though.