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Visitor ilyla
Registered: ‎01-24-2013

How do I change the SLCR bits?

To be more exact, I'm looking to change the slcr.MIO_LOOPBACK [I2C0_LOOP_I2C1] bit in particular, but I can't find it. 


Is it changed in the code, or something else(if so, what?)

Does anyone know what header it's in/ what header I should add it in(and if so, how)

Thank you all so much!

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Observer semp
Registered: ‎04-29-2013

Re: How do I change the slcr.MIO_LOOPBACK bits?

I also wanted to change a slcr.MIO_LOOPBACK bit but wasn't able to.  I tried using the low-level Xil_In32/Xil_Out32 functions but couldn't change any bits.  Note that I opted for low-level functions because I also couldn't find any higher-level headers providing functions to change loopback options.  Additionally, I even tried writing a value directly through XMD (mwr command).


Has anybody had success writing to this register?  Are there conditions that prevent write access to this register?


I didn't find any explicit option for loopback in the configuration of the Zynq processor block (of IP Integrator) so I just configured both SPI cores to MIO but figured this would be irrelevant once loopback was manually enabled.  Could the configuration of MIOs for SPI be blocking write access to slcr.MIO_LOOPBACK?



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Observer semp
Registered: ‎04-29-2013

Re: How do I change the slcr.MIO_LOOPBACK bits?

Ok, figured it out.


There's a SLCR_LOCK register which is triggered by the ps7_init script.