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Visitor lion_time
Registered: ‎02-07-2015

How to configure to improve DMA speed?

Hi adam. Thanks for your introduction on DMA.Recently,I have some questions about DMAconfigure when i try to configure one DMAtransfer data to Uart1(PS).
1. How to control the DMA Speed.Some article say "Burst Size""Burst Length" .But i change two parameters and the result speed just similar.Some other chip use clock to control the DMA speed ,while i can't find relative clock in the zynq dma.
2. I test the speed on DMA and non-DMA,the speed also similar.Is there something wrong with it.
3.You say xadc(PL) and DMA connected by AXI.Then does Uart1(PS)and dma also connected by AXI?


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