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Observer lpandlly
Registered: ‎09-26-2007

How to connect a custom Dual port RAM with OPB?

I have tried to connect a Dual Port RAM with OPB, however, I could not make it successfully.
My task is to write a large number of data into this dual port ram through a C application program in EDK, then use VHDL code to control reading the data from it one by one. How can I build such a block ram to satisfy this function?
I have attempted to use user logic address arrange, while every time the data taken out from the ram is 32 bits. I only need 8 bits every time. Is it meaning I have to waste some ram units to store many "00"? And the ram generated by " Create or import peripherals"  is a single port ram. Whenever I read a data from it, it is 32 bits. Some data would be missed or some ram units would be wasted.
Also, in order to save some resources, I  tried to take the advantage of interrupt technology. While, when the interrupt handler is loading new data to the block ram, it missed another interrupt. What can I do?
Could anybody give me some tips? Thanks a lot!

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Observer svenand
Registered: ‎08-13-2007

Re: How to connect a custom Dual port RAM with OPB?

I have designed my own OPB interface to a dual port RAM. To find
out more you can read my blog: http://svenand.blogdrive.com/archive/53.html

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