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Visitor hgm
Registered: ‎11-19-2010

Is it possible to add a record type in/out to a custom peripheral for PPC ?

Hi all,


I am making a custom peripheral for a PPC440 processor in a virtex-5, with ISE/EDK 12.1. I would like to have some external I/O for my peripheral, that will also be external I/Os of the microprocessor instance (these ports will not be accesed by the microprocessor).


From what I know, in order to make the ouputs external, I need them to be in the MPD file of the peripheral. But the syntax only seems to allow for std_logic and std_logic_vector, so I would need to break my record type signals into a number of simpler signals. This is not very desirable because it will make the design more difficult to read and more error-prone.


Is there any way to do this? Or is the only option to break the record into smaller signals?


Thanks in advance and best regards

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