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Registered: ‎01-22-2015

MIO change in PS to use TI power designer tool


Hi All,


We can measure the power of zynq zc702 board with the help of TI power design tool. This tool is communicates with board via PMBus protocol. This PMBus protocol is based on I2C. So to use this tool whether i need to enable the I2C controller in "Zynq PS MIO Configuration"  while generating the PS in XPS. If so which one i need to enable I2C0 or I2C1 and what option i have to choose MIO pins or EMIO?


Already i enabled I2c0--MIO pin 50,51. for configuring the ADV7511 chip on HDMI FMC card.







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Registered: ‎04-21-2014

Re: MIO change in PS to use TI power designer tool

Get the relevant schematics and figure out which pins on the Zynq you will need to use (which pins are routed to the connector you're trying to use).  Then look to see if those pins are PS pins or PL pins in your Zynq.  If PS pins, see which controller will go to those pins.  If PL pins, you can try to use a PS controller and route it to the PL, if the controller supports that.  If not, you'll need to use a PL controller.


These are not legos, but with a little elbow grease you can figure out what you need to do.

***Many of us who help you are just FPGA enthusiasts, and not Xilinx employees. If you receive help, and give kudos (star), you're likely to continue receiving help in the future. If you get a solution, please mark it as a solution.***
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