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Registered: ‎03-16-2010

ML-605: xps_tft with plbv46_axi_bridge

I am trying to use the xps_tft module from XPS 13.4 to work with the plbv46_axi_bridge peripheral (and a MIG generated DDR3 controller). I tried a BSB design where I add the bridge and the TFT module and modifying an existing project to switch from the MPMC module to MIG. The goal is to modify a large existing system in the same way (where we are currently locked into version 13.4 so upgrading to 14.x to get access to the axi_tft module is not an option). The CPU connected to the AXI4 bus can access the DDR3 memory so the MIG instance is working. Does anybody have an example project where the xps_tft module works with the plbv46_axi_bridge module? Or more general: is there a reason it should or should not work?
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