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Registered: ‎10-21-2009

MPSOC PL to PS irq0/irq1: Only 1 interrupt available

There are two CDMA blocks in our PS infrastructure. We want to connect the interrupts from each CDMA block directly to the PL-PS irq0 input. However, the PS configuration only allows 0 or 1 interrupts for either irq0 or irq1 PL-PS interrupts, but 2 are needed. Both irq0 and irq1 should each allow up to 8 interrupts.


How can we select more than 1 interrupt from irq0 or irq1?


We tried adding an AXI interrupt controller to connect the CDMA interrupts to the single irq0 input, but the petalinux kernel failed during DTS building, which is a known issue. We then tried deleting the AXI interrupt controller and simply ORing the two CDMA interrupts into the irq0 input, but this generated a different error during DTS build.


Tool version is Vivado 2017.2



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Registered: ‎10-05-2010

Re: MPSOC PL to PS irq0/irq1: Only 1 interrupt available

Going from memory here, but I think you want the 'Concat' IP. Configure the IP for 2 inputs, then connect the 2-bit wide output to the PS.



Joe Samson

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