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Registered: ‎06-24-2009

Microblaze FSL Read/Write timing analysis. Some suggestions?



  I am new to xilinx design tools and processes so please forgive my lack of knowledge.


I am trying to perform a timing analysis for read and write operations that occur over the FSL interface on the Microblaze.  Using the XPS design tools I created a Microblaze-based system using the Base System Builder Wizard.  I just followed a tutorial example for the BSB on the ML501 dev board.  I created a "custom IP" using the IP import wizard and connected it through the FSL interface.  I just used the example accumulator provided with the design tools.  Using the example design code given for the software project I can see a read and write operation occur over the FSL Bus.  So far, my understanding from the documentation is that it takes 2 clock cycles to place a 32-bit value from a register in the microblaze's register file unto the FIFO structure of the FSL Bus.  How long does it take to read from the FIFO structure and place that value into a register?  Is there a way to physically view this? Meaning, is there a way to view these operations as they occur on a wave form, or does microblaze have a timestamp register (rdtsc() equivalent instruction)?  If I've left out anything please let me know.  Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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Advisor evgenis1
Registered: ‎12-03-2007

Re: Microblaze FSL Read/Write timing analysis. Some suggestions?

There are a few ways to benchmark the FSL:


  - simulate the design (including the code you're using)

  - analyze disassembled code 

  - toggle an IO before and after FSL access and observe it in ChipScope or Logic Analyzer



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Registered: ‎05-15-2009

Re: Microblaze FSL Read/Write timing analysis. Some suggestions?

I would recommend you to do a sw profiling. It's simple to do it using XMD, which you can launch in EDK. Be aware to set memory space for the profiling. The result will show you how much time a sw funnction takes to run in seconds. It is based on gprof utility.Take  a look at http://ecee.colorado.edu/~ecen4633/LAB/edk_prof.pdf


You can also use EDK-SDK instead if you want, instead of XPS.

This should do what you want.



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