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Registered: ‎08-17-2014

On-Screen-Display(OSD) IP core, change font size?

Now I want to implement the OSD function based on a 1080p@60 frame video. I saw the pg010 and I think the core can help me to wirte some strings on the video with the strings in the other layer to mix the two layer. But I have some problem about it. When we use the IP Core, we should write the fonts(numbers of chracters we use) to the Core with AXI-Lite, the max size of the font we can choose is 16*16, it's too small to show on the 1920*1080 video. So, Can the Core support to change the character size to show? How can I do it? For  example, if I want to show a character as a size of 32*32, How should I do?

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