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Newbie peter1811
Registered: ‎02-25-2012

PPC Microblaze share memory

Hello I am a student and started to experience with an virtex 5 fpga.
As I read in the data sheet there is a an on-chip microprocessor (PPC440) and
costumizable soft-core processors (Microblaze).
What's the benefit of the Microblaze processor, beside its scalability?
Would it make sense to export a multithreaded software project from PPC to several Microblazes,
to get real parallelism?
Let's say now I got 3 "Threads". One is running on the PPC, nr.2 and 3 on 2 Microblazes.
And I have allocated some memory on the heap. I want to commit a pointer from the PPC to the Microblazes.
How can I do that? Is it enough to connect all of them to the PLB? I saw that every IP core has its own address range.
But in this case they have to share addresses? Do the Microblazes have Memory access? (There could be some RAM connected to
the PPC). If not how will they get some? I read something about the Muliport Memory Controller. Will this be the solution?

Thanks in advance

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