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Visitor pierrekhlr
Registered: ‎12-22-2014

Power Managemet Kintex 7 (programming vadj)



I'm working on a project which need that the HPC connector I/Os are supplied by Vadj = 3,3V.


So I use an I2C IP to program the UCD9248 component. (impossible to use the GUI software)


I've developped a code which send to this component the following frames : 

 (slave adress + write bit),  page command, 0x0003 => to select the rail 4

 (slave adress + write bit),  Vout command, 0x3400 => to configure approximatively 3,3V

then i put vadj_on_b down to supply.


I've removed the jumper J65 before power on the card.


With an oscilloscope, i can see all those frames running on the I2C bus.

But When i probe the vadj voltage, i measure 2,5V.


Could someone help me programming this?

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