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Visitor m_kalburgi
Registered: ‎12-16-2008

Problem in running the TEMAC code targetted for spartan1800 3ADSP



I have the code for "Local Link Temac with SDMA and CSO" targetted for spartan1800 3ADSP eval board. I am using this code on my own board which is having spartan1800 3ADSP, ETHERNET PHY 83865 and SDRAM. I am using SDRAM for the DMA. I have made the cjhnges accordingly in the code for the SDRAM in MPMC module and also other changes such as ucf etc. I have tested the SDRAM using the Test Memory application successfully. The execution of RXTest/TxTest application was done from the SDRAM.

Also I have set the IP address of the PC as and gateway as . I am using cross-over cable for PC to board interface.

While running the RXTest/TxTest the code stops executing after printing the following message on the hyperterminal.


-----lwIP Transmit Test [Board -> Host] ------
To perform TCP TX bandwidth calculation, run iperf from your host machine as:
iperf -s -i 2 - p 2000
Board should have IP (can be changed in txperf.c)
Board IP:
Netmask :
Gateway :
XLlTemac detect_phy: PHY detected.


I will be happy if I could get any suggestion on the above problem.


Thank you,

Manish Kalburgi,

VLSI Engineer,

Wavelet Group, Pune-21 India.


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