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Registered: ‎11-13-2018

QSPI Flash Programming


Does anyone have a functional project that uses QSPI flash for storing SDK programs, and that uses an XDC constraint file rather than board files for a specific evaluation board?

The reason I am asking for this is that I have been trying to get QSPI flash working on my Nexys 4. It functions as expected when I design using the .xml board files supplied by Digilent, but when I set my device to the FPGA on the board and write my own .xdc constraint file, QSPI appears to not be working correctly. I believe this is the case as running the SREC SPI bootloader fails at the XIsf_Initialize() function. I used Digilent's .xdc that they provided for the Nexys 4, and have checked that the signals and pins for both projects are the same. There must be some setting in the board files that I am not seeing that somehow configure QSPI properly. We believe it has something to do with the clock signal for the flash. 

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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Scholar jg_bds
Registered: ‎02-01-2013

Re: QSPI Flash Programming

I don't have one. Nor can I find schematics for the Nexys board.  It would be helpful if you included:

  • schematic snippets showing the FPGA and QSPI connections. (We can probably guess what they are--but why guess?)
  • the relevant XDC (QSPI pinout) information from the working system
  • the relevant XDC information from the non-working system
  • pertinent screen grabs of your IPI block diagram
  • your clock settings, if you believe that to be the root cause

-Joe G.

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