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Observer yunusy
Registered: ‎03-13-2014

SGMII core - Reading PHY registers through MDIO


Hi. Our hardware design includes an 2 * Ethernet 1000Base-X or SGMII IP. (There is also another gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_0 that is connected to ENET1_XXX which cannot be seen the picture below).




My problem is about reading PHY registers. Both gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_0 and gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_1 seem to be configured equally. When my code tries the read PHY control registers  , value returned from gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_0 is all 1’s (11111……).

Reading from gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_1 returns the expected value (which is 1 0101 0100 0000 in my case)


From the document of IP, I see that some bits of the control register should be 0 by default. For example first 5 bits are reserved and  must be 00000 and these bits are write protected. But I read 1111….11111. What I tried so far are:

  • I interchanged the read sequence  but that didn’t make any difference, gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_0 is always read as 1’s
  • My hardware friend interchanged the connections between ENET0 and ENET1 and IP Cores but this didn’t make any difference
  • For the first time, PHY addresses of IP’s were both 1, I changed phy addr of gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_1 to 2, left gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_0 as 1, didn’t work

The problem seems to be about gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_0 core. What can be the source of this problem? What should I try?

Waiting for your suggestions



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Teacher muzaffer
Registered: ‎03-31-2012

Re: SGMII core - Reading PHY registers through MDIO

make sure that you are setting the MDIO address of x_1 (I am not sure how the address is set but probably either an IO which you need to set differently or a generic/parameter which you use when you instantiate) correctly and that you are generating the correct MDIO bit stream with the right address embedded in it.
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Registered: ‎07-02-2014

Re: SGMII core - Reading PHY registers through MDIO

i am also facing the same issue.. can anyone suggest what can be the issue??
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