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Registered: ‎08-18-2010

SP605 Red LED next to CF Card and .bpi errors


I am new to working with the sp605. I think I may have crupted the flash on the device.  The reason I think this is because I insert the CF card with the stock files and I get a red LED, when it used to be green. I went to reflash the device the .spi loaded fine but and I got this error message when I tried to load the .bpi at the very end.


'2': Configuration data download to FPGA was not successful. DONE did not go
high, please check your configuration setup and mode settings.


So my question is: how do I check the configuration setup and mode settings and what should they be for the SP605 when I do check it? Thanks!



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Registered: ‎08-18-2010

Re: SP605 Red LED next to CF Card and .bpi errors

The problem was that I formated the CF card incorrectly. The issue is described here: http://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/14456.htm. I used mkdosfs.exe and everything worked perfectly! Happy Day!


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