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Observer arasch
Registered: ‎03-14-2018

Save GPIO input over DMA to DDR and read with PS



I am very much a beginner with DMA and trying to use it to save serial data coming in on a ZedBoard GPIO pin to DRAM. After one frame is saved to DRAM I want to read it out into the PS and transfer to the host PC.


However I want to start simpler and was hoping someone could help me with this:

Using a ZendBoard I want to read the settings of the 8 on-board switches, "stream" this data through FIFO and DMA into DDR of the Zynq as a "packet" and finally read with the PS from the DDR and display the switch setting (e.g. as a hex number) in my TeraTerm. I started with the design presented in the "FGPA Developer" blog

My first problem is how to "break up" the loop FIFO-DMA and "feed in" the setting of the switches.

The second problem is the examples in the SDK (e.g. xaxidma_example_poll_multi_pkts) generate a number in the PS and send it through the DMA. In my case I would need to "trigger" the DMA to read the switch input and save it to DDR, and then access the DDR with the PS?


Thanks for any hints on how to solve this.


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