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Registered: ‎12-05-2008

Simple Doubt On GPIO Function?

Hi engineers,


 For your info, I am using:-

1) FPGA V4(ML401)

2) ISE 9.2

3) EDK9.2


I am currently doing a project where the user will press a button and this will send the data to the hyperterminal. Later the system will receive the data and trigger the LED. Below is a simple diagram.

For example,

If press GPIO_North , LED_North  will trigger

If press GPIO_South , LED_South  will trigger



PUSH_BUTTON (GPIO_NORT)  ==> UART(Send) ==> HYPERTERMINAL (0x1) ====> UART(Receive) ==> LED(LED_North)

PUSH_BUTTON (GPIO_NORT)  ==> UART(Send) ==> HYPERTERMINAL (0x2) ====> UART(Receive) ==> LED(LED_South)



After reading EDK API , I understand how abit about the code.Below is what I know (coreect me if I am wrong)


1) For LEDs


XGpio_Initialize(LED_instance, BASEADDRESS_DEVICE_ID);

XGpio_SetDataDirection (LED_instance, CHANNEL, DIRECTION);  //In direction is 0x1, Out direction is 0x0

XGpio_DiscreteWrite (LED_instance,CHANNEL , LED);


 LED = 0x1 , trigger first LED pin in UCF

 LED = 0x2 , trigger second LED pin in UCF

 LED = 0x4 , trigger third LED pin in UCF

 LED = 0x8 , trigger fourth  LED pin in UCF




2) For Push-Buttons



XGpio_Initialize(Button_instance, BASEADDRESS_DEVICE_ID);

XGpio_SetDataDirection (Button_instance, CHANNEL, DIRECTION);  //In direction is 0x1 , Out direction is 0x0

XGpio_DiscreteRead (Button_instance,CHANNEL );


    // Is this correct, or should I  insert PUSH_BUTTON

   XGpio_DiscreteRead (Button_instance,CHANNEL, PUSH_BUTTON );



3) For UART


XUartLite_SendByte (UART_BASEADDR_ID , DATA ); //Send Data to Hyperterminal

XUartLite_RecvByte(UART_BASEADDR_ID);                //Receive Data from Hyperterminal



My problem :-


1) For DiscreteRead in Push-Button, how does the system knows which button I clicked or pressed? Is the code is wrong ? If wrong , how should I write?


2) I want to do a program.When I click a button, the particular LED must be triggered. I do not know how to combine the LED with the PUSH-BUTTON. How should I write the code?


3) For UART, how can I write a code to receive a string from the hyperterminal?


Is there any reference that I can study?



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