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Observer cuungan
Registered: ‎10-17-2007

Using Central DMA Controller on a seperate bus

I would like to build a communication system between two peripherals by using the central DMA controller. But this communication will be intensive so I have decided to build a seperate, second plb bus connected to the original plb bus (the bus where the ppc405 exists) via a plb-plb bridge. Then my dma controller should be on the second bus, but I am confused a bit at this point. How should I set teh addresses of the preipherals? Which address should the dma controller use? Won't the peripherals on the second bus have two addresses (one from the ppc405 point of view and one from the plb-plb point of view). Are there any example designs related with these issues? Thank you very much for your attention... 
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Registered: ‎07-02-2008

Re: Using Central DMA Controller on a seperate bus

XAPP996 gives a few examples of using the plb bridges.
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