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Registered: ‎07-19-2011

ZedboardOLED-v1.0-IP Core (Open-Source)

An open source IP core for the Zedboard OLED was released recently by Texas A&M University/Qatar.


The ZedboardOLED IP core provides a user friendly interface to the 128x32 organic LED display available on the Zedboard development board, a driver is supplied with the package, enabling a standalone usage for the display. The design can be easily modified to target other embedded platforms, provided with the package, a step-by-step quick start guide for using the IP.



1 Plug and play using Vivado design suite.

2 Hierarchical open-source design, it can be easily altered to fit other systems’ requirements.

3 Internal display buffer.

4 English characters bit maps are cached inside the controller.

5 Implemented driver for alphanumeric display .


This work was done as part of teaching materials for the ECEN 449 class offered at Texas A&M University/Qatar.

Written by Ali Aljaani/Texas A&M University at Qatar.