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Participant moktarbouain
Registered: ‎07-14-2010

Zynq 7000 : Access to the DDR by IP

Hi all,

I use the Zc 702 board.  Beginning, I created a custom peripheral (with CIP XPS) and  I used the 32 GP AXI Master to connect the PS with my accelerator in PL (AXI-Lite). The data is sent from PS to PL, then traitemnt is done via the hardware accelerator, finally the data returned from PL to   PS :

       unsigned int Tab [4];   
       *r0=   Tab[0];
       *r1=   Tab[1];
       *r2=   Tab[2];
       *r3=   Tab[3];
       Tab[0] =   *r0;
       Tab[1] = *r1;
       Tab[2]= *r2;
       Tab[3] = *r3;      

And I got a correct result.

Now, since the data is stored in the DDR, I want that my accelerator uses the high performance (HP) 64 bit slave port to directly access to DDR. So, I created a custom peripheral (with CIP XPS), I choose AXI4 burst capable high-throughput memory mapped interface. After that, I connected the slave of my IP to AXI-Lite Master of PS and the master (64 bit) of IP to the HP slave port of PS. 

The problem that I can't found any solution or tutoral wich explain how I send  the adress of the Tab which allow to the IP to access to ddr. How the PL can access directly to the data of Tab??


Any help please??




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Participant moktarbouain
Registered: ‎07-14-2010

Re: Zynq 7000 : Access to the DDR by IP

I forgot, r0, r1, r2 and r3 are software register.

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