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Registered: ‎09-13-2016

Zynq Processing System SPI not working


I'm using ZC706 board and trying to connect Processing System's SPI pins to an extension board.

Here are what I did

  1. made a block diagram in Vivado 
  2. added Zynq PS
  3. opened it and checked SPI0 in Peripheral IO Pins(EMIO)
  4. Back to the block diagram and made SPI pins external
  5. generated a HDL wrapper and assigned in/output ports to SPI pins
  6. synthesis, implementation, bitstream generation
  7. export hardware
  8. Ran sdk
  9. in sdk, created board support package - Imported SPI examples. 
  10. Ran SPI  examples

The Vivado project's board preset was properly set to ZC706. I used a scope to detect spi signals on the extension board but no signal came out.

I thought it could be pinmap issue so connected PL signals to the same pins on the extension board and got meaningful signals.

Also I tried to connect FCLK in PS to the pins and it was detected by scope. So I think the pinmap is fine and PS is alive. 

I did the similar steps on a PicoZed board and it was successful. Do you  have any suggestions to solve this issue?


Thank you

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