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Registered: ‎05-14-2017

create bare metal iamge for zc702 board

tutorial on zc702 only talk about creating Linux boot image and downloading various require file to program the Flash which doesn't explain how to create all these fsbl, bif, bsp file.

After running lab2 on Ug1165 which created the zynq7000, axi_gpio and axi_timer IP block in the IP Integrator, I want to create the image file and program it into the Flash.

Now that I have the hello_world.elf and bit file, I believed the next step is run the Create Boot Image, there are field for the BIF and UDF Data and Boot image partition files, but how do you create these file?

Then during Program Flash Memory, it ask for the FSBL file. The turoial dosn't cover these essential task.

It talks about Linux  for Program Flash memory but not bare metal application

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Registered: ‎03-19-2014

Re: create bare metal iamge for zc702 board

For Zynq 7000 bare metal, your bif (generated from create boot image ) would look like this:

//arch = zynq; split = false; format = BIN
<path to>fsbl.elf
<path to>bitstream.bit
<path to>hello.elf

Yes, the FSBL is required to program FLASH with the boot.bin file generated from Create Boot Image. A CR has been filed on UG1165 to add that in, you can refer to AR70148.

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