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Registered: ‎06-20-2018

large text file write to DDR - mwr is very slow

Hello I am using ZCU102 and my sdk is standalone.


I used XSDB console to initialize the DDR content.

set infile [open "mem_data.txt" "r"]; 
mwr 0x01000000 [read $infile];
close $infile

My text file size is 1 MBytes and there are 100k entries(e.g. 0xFFFFFFFF) in my text file.

I found that this transfer can easily takes 20 sec for such a small transfer (4 * 100kbytes) which can not be accepted by users, which will use much larger text file enventually.


Is there a way to increase the speed?


how about these alternatives:

1. LwIP server? (which I have no experiences. a reference design is appreciated).

2. copy my text into SD card on the board and read from SD?


Thank you

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