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Registered: ‎10-09-2017

ug1165 chapter 5 page 55, how to set the address

I follow the ug1165 chapter 5, page 55, but my board is not zc702,  

only 7010 and 256M DDR.

how do I set the address?


22. In the Range column for S_AXI_HP0, select 256M.
23. Under Offset Address for
S_AXI_HP0, set a value of 0x2000_0000.
24. In the Address Editor view, expand
axi_cdma_0 > Data.
25. In the Range column for
S_AXI_HP2, select 256M.
26. Under Offset Address for
S_AXI_HP2, set a value of 0x3000_0000.

I set axi_hp0 address 0x1000 0000 range 128M

hp2 0x1800 0000 rang 128M


it display error, see my attach.

[BD 41-1671] </processing_system7_0/S_AXI_HP2/HP2_DDR_LOWOCM> has a fixed address of <0x00000000 [ 512M ]> and must be mapped to an address with an offset whose <28> least significant bits match this offset. It is currently mapped into </axi_cdma_0/Data/SEG_processing_system7_0_HP2_DDR_LOWOCM> at <0x28000000 [ 128M ]> which does not meet this criteria.


may I do the test? how to do?


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