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Registered: ‎02-09-2013

webserver ethernet GPIO control


I am new to embedded world and networking and am using ZedBoard (Z020). I have been working on a project where I want to turn on a LED or any pin on PMOD using web browser.

This is where I am. I have SDK up and running and I use peripheral example of the SDK to interact with GPIO (switches->LED). I was able to tweak the code to write switch values on LEDs.

I understand that I need to have a webserver on the board and also need to get to know how the socket or ethernet cable is programmed. Plus, I am not sure how to create a GUI(web page) on my webserver, like xilinx has in its lwIP manual


I have also looked at the project by Avnet where they have web-based control for a servo motor. I think that it is too complicated to tweak since their tutorial is to help customers to assemble.

Is anybody familiar with creating a "simple" webserver?

Should I use SDK example which is just a echo server?(will that help me!)


Is it better to move to linux?

I appreciate your help.



Daniel Moham

Daniel Moham
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Visitor webphy
Registered: ‎06-06-2013

Re: webserver ethernet GPIO control

Try WebPHY DATABUS, a web server IP core for FPGAs.  It requires little to no knowledge of networking or software and is up and running in minutes: www.webphyfpga.com

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