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Registered: ‎04-27-2018

what's mean of APB_ERR_RESP field in QSPIDMA_DST_CTRL register



When I implement the QSPI driver in my platform, 

The APB_ERR_RESP field of QSPIDMA_DST_CTRL register  is very perplexing to me.

I don't know what does mean of it and should I set it to 1 and 0.


Since refer to the spec, some description as blow:



When an APB (register) access occurs to an unimplemented space (there is no register at that location),

the resulting pslverr will be:
0: pslverr = 1'b0
1: pslverr = 1'b1
There is also a maskable interrupt , "INVALID_APB" that could be asserted, independent of what option is selected here.


but I still don't know what does [unimplemented space]  mean and 

when using DMA to transfer data, will the unimplemented  space be assessed.

(in other words,is there any possibility fot DMA to access the unimplemented  space?)


Thank you very much


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