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Registered: ‎03-05-2014

RTL flow xocc link error


I'm trying to follow the rtl workflow in order to integrate a custom rtl kernel.
I'm using an alveo u200 and vivado/sdaccel 2018.3

I'm creating an IP using hls, then import into vivado and export it as an IP.
Here I use the "export current project" option in the wizard.

As long as I know, I set the address map for the axi mater (m_axi_gmem) to be the full 64b range starting from 0.

s_axi_control is mapped as 64k slave starting from 0.

Then I package it as a .xo file.

Find attached the xml description file as well as the resulting xo file.

Finally, xocc finish with an error after some time:

ERROR: [XOCC 60-399] xclbinutil failed, please see log file for detail: '/home/afilguer/vadd_hls_test/hls/ipintegrator/_x/link/int/bin_vadd_hw_xclbinutil.log'
ERROR: [XOCC 60-626] Kernel link failed to complete
ERROR: [XOCC 60-703] Failed to finish linking

Looking at the suggested log, some lines look suspicious:

WARNING: Skipping IP_LAYOUT section for count size is zero.
WARNING: Section 'IP_LAYOUT' content is empty.  No data in the given JSON file.
WARNING: Skipping CONNECTIVITY section for count size is zero.
WARNING: Section 'CONNECTIVITY' content is empty.  No data in the given JSON file


I found that ip_layout and connectivity are empty in bin_vadd_hw.rtd

From the vadd opencl example in SDAccel, it looks like these should not be empty. However I don't know what's going on.

Find attached the vivado project, exported IP and hls files that generate the IP for the vivado project, as well as some more log files I think can be useful.


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Registered: ‎11-04-2010

Do you encounter the same issue with the example design in your environment?

Don't forget to reply, kudo, and accept as solution.
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Registered: ‎03-05-2014

I managed to build and run the example vadd application without any issue.

I also managed to build an xclbin directly from an hls IP, but as soon as I place it in a block design and export as an IP, I get these messages.

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