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Running a SDAccel example: JTAG is connected to another PC

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Running a SDAccel example: JTAG is connected to another PC

I want to run kmean algorithm from guithub using SDAccel on my ADM-PCIE-7V3 board.

My host OS is ubuntu 16.04. However, I couldn't install JTAG on the host, while, I tried many ways. Now, I'm using another computer with a CentOS (that I could install JTAG on it) to program the FPGA. So, my host that the ADM-PCIE-7V3 board is installed on it is different than the computer that I'm using to program the FPGA through JTAG.

I used SDAccel GUI to generate SW/HW emulation and System compilation for the kmean example. Then I could see the following files in the System folder:



and some other files and folders.

Based on my understanding, in the case of having one host computer that is connected to the board through PCIe and JTAG, I need to run ./kmean.exe to program the fpga and run the kmean algorithm (please confirm it if I'm right).

However, In my case that JTAG is through another computer, it doesn't work.

I also search for .bit files in the project. I found partial.bit. So I programmed the FPGA with this bitfile, however ,when I run the ./kmean on my host (that board is installed on it) I get the following output that says the results are not matched. I suppose that it actually is not executed on the FPGA.

Can you help me that how can I run an SDAccel example with my system setup?


Screenshot from 2018-07-10 22-59-42.png
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Re: Running a SDAccel example: JTAG is connected to another PC

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To be able to execute .xclbin on-board, you don't need to program board with partial bit file, but you have to program board with firmware from xbinst and execute exe file with xclbin file. 


To do so, please read README.txt when you download any example from github.


And/or, please follow steps about how to install certain board including program firmare and install drivers and how to execute xclbin on-board from UG1023.