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Registered: ‎12-16-2013

Vivado error for compiling a design with hls_stream and four ports on KU115

Hi all,


I am working on a design which its kernel is implemented by C++ (not OpenCL-C)

it uses hls_stream to send data between two loops. It also utilises four ports on KU115.

When the number of loop iterations is static and fixed the design can be compiled and can be run on Nimbix (KU115).

But when the loops take their iteration numbers from an argument I received this error during compilations.

The vivado.log file is also attached.



any help would be appreciated.




ERROR: [XOCC 17-69] Command failed: Run 'impl_1' failed. Unable to open

===>The following messages were generated while processing /home/csxmh/workspace/histogram/sdaccel/ku115/histogram_03_c/System/_xocc_link_binary_container_1/impl/build/system/binary_container_1/bitstream/binary_container_1_ipi/ipiimpl/ipiimpl.runs/impl_1 :
ERROR: [XOCC 18-1000] Routing results verification failed due to partially-conflicted nets (Up to first 10 of violated nets): xcl_design_i/base_region/pr_isolation_expanded/regslice_control/inst/ar_pipe/Q[18] xcl_design_i/expanded_region/interconnect_axilite/s00_couplers/s00_regslice/inst/ar_pipe/Q[9]
ERROR: [XOCC 60-341] Hardware accelerator integration failed. Aborting build_system. The following log file is available for debugging '/home/csxmh/workspace/histogram/sdaccel/ku115/histogram_03_c/System/_xocc_link_binary_container_1/impl/build/system/binary_container_1/bitstream/binary_container_1_ipi/vivado.log'.
Contact your local Xilinx representative and provide the log file for further assistance.
ERROR: [XOCC 60-626] Kernel link failed to complete
ERROR: [XOCC 60-703] Failed to finish linking
make: *** [binary_container_1.xclbin] Error 1

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Visitor xavierhou
Registered: ‎11-17-2017

Re: Vivado error for compiling a design with hls_stream and four ports on KU115

Hi mohava,


Have you already bypassed this issue? if yes, could you please post your solution? we got the exactly same problem when compile in KU115, seems it's ku115 specific issue.




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