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Visitor victor1969
Registered: ‎02-26-2016

HLS IP direct connection to a C-callable IP

I'm using a C-callable IP. It's a LDPC decoder previously design at RTL level and packaged with sdx_pack

This is the declaration:

#pragma SDS data access_pattern(y_rx:SEQUENTIAL,c_final:SEQUENTIAL)
void NMS_decoder_AXI_STREAM(int y_rx[128], int c_final[128]);

where y_rx is mapped to an AXI_STREAM input and c_final to an AXI_STREAM output

I call the NMS_decoder_AXI_STREAM function in my main code and SDSOC is making synthesis correctly. Checked on a ZCU102 board.

The y_rx input is generated from a c function. Now, I order the SDSOC tool to make that function in hardware. It uses HLS to make that task. The problem is that it is not making a direct HW connection between both HW modules. It is passing y_rx value through memory (via DMAs).

How can I force a direct connection?

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