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Observer sridhargunnam
Registered: ‎06-16-2017

Issues while building xfOpenCV::accumulate kernel in SDx 2017.2



I'm getting the following error messages while trying to build accumulate kernel from xfOpenCV library. I followed the directions given in the xfOpenCV user guide.





===>The following messages were generated while Compiling (bitstream) opencl binary: bin Log file: C:/Users/sridharg/workspace/acc_test_nov17/Release/_sds/p0/_vpl/ipi/ipiimpl/ipiimpl.runs/impl_1/runme.log :
ERROR: [VPL 17-69] Command failed: This design contains one or more cells for which bitstream generation is not permitted:
zcu102_rv_ss_i/hdmi_output/v_hdmi_tx_ss_0/inst/v_hdmi_tx/inst (bd_8093_v_hdmi_tx_0_v_hdmi_tx_v2_0_0)
zcu102_rv_ss_i/hdmi_input/v_hdmi_rx_ss_0/inst/v_hdmi_rx/inst (bd_20b8_v_hdmi_rx_0_v_hdmi_rx_v2_0_0)
If a new IP Core license was added, in order for the new license to be picked up, the current netlist needs to be updated by resetting and re-generating the IP output products before bitstream generation.
WARNING: [VPL 60-732] Link warning: There is no resource utilization data in DSA, utilization DRC is skipped
ERROR: [VPL 60-704] Integration error, problem implementing dynamic region, write_bitstream ERROR
ERROR: [VPL 60-806] Failed to finish platform linker
ERROR: [SdsCompiler 83-5019] Exiting sds++ : Error when calling 'C:/Xilinx/SDx/2017.2/bin/vpl --iprepo C:/Users/sridharg/workspace/acc_test_nov17/Release/_sds/iprepo/repo --iprepo C:/Xilinx/SDx/2017.2/data/ip/xilinx --platform D:/venky/workdir/zcu102-rv-ss-2017-2/zcu102_rv_ss/zcu102_rv_ss.xpfm --temp_dir C:/Users/sridharg/workspace/acc_test_nov17/Release/_sds/p0 --output_dir C:/Users/sridharg/workspace/acc_test_nov17/Release/_sds/p0/vpl --input_file C:/Users/sridharg/workspace/acc_test_nov17/Release/_sds/p0/.xsd/top.bd.tcl --target hw --save_temps --kernels w0_xf_accumulate --webtalk_flag SDSoC'
sds++ log file saved as C:/Users/sridharg/workspace/acc_test_nov17/Release/_sds/reports/sds.log
ERROR: [SdsCompiler 83-5004] Build failed

make: *** [acc_test_nov17.elf] Error 1


Can you please help me fix it?




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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎12-08-2011

Re: Issues while building xfOpenCV::accumulate kernel in SDx 2017.2

Hi Sridhar,


Please follow the instructions on the reVISION wiki, section 4.3, on how to obtain a SDSoC license: 



If you obtained your license before the 2017.1 release, you will have to request a new one. Starting with 2017.1, all the reVISION platform IP licenses have been bundled with the SDSoC tool license. Based on your error messages, you are missing IP licenses so I'm guessing your license might be older than 2017.1.







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