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Registered: ‎04-05-2018

Mali-400 developement for ZCU102 board in SDx Environment



I try to develop a project using the GPU Mali-400 thanks to the design suite SDx but it looks like SDx doesn't have the tools to program the GPU. At the end of my research, I tought understand that SDx doesn't have openGL ES2.0 library required to program the Mali-400 and that I necessary need to use Petalinux to use the GPU, can you confirm me that ?

Maybe can I integrate openGL ES in SDx but I didn't find how to do it, have you a tutorial ?
Maybe a project example exists for the GPU like those present in SDx for the FPGA but I haven't seen it, if it exists where can I find it ?

In the case where I would need to use Petalinux, is it possible making work together Petalinux and  SDx to develop an project using CPU, GPU and FPGA ? if yes, How I do it? Is there some documentation ?


I develop on ZCU102 Board thanks to SDx 2017.4  installed on a VM Ubuntu16.04.


Thank you in advance.

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