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Registered: ‎07-12-2019

[SDSoC][SDx IDE 2019.1] No function body sds_lib.h and ff.h


I have a C program that I want to implement in hardware but as the C functions for memory allocation and file managing don't work I decided to use Xilinx libraries. So I included both "ff.h" and "sds_lib.h" in order to overcome this (I included <stdlib.h> before) as shown below.

Includes of the utils.c fileIncludes of the utils.c fileIncludes of the unpredict.c fileIncludes of the unpredict.c file

I set as Hardware function a function called unpredict() which calls different functions, that's why I have errors on different files. Here are the project settings.




But as I try to build the project in Debug mode, the compiler says that the functions include in the libraries mentionned previously have no body. But when I build the project in Release mode, the compiler succeed without any errors or warnings. I would like to run it in Debug mode to be able to estimate the performance of my function. (I know I have to check the box but I'm waiting for the project to work in order to do that).

As you can see here, the function is recognized but it seems that for the compiler, it is just declared and the corresponding code is not written.



Here are the log errors.

ERROR: [SYNCHK 200-71] C:/Users/vrenard/Desktop/Decoder_123/lin_dec/decompressor/src/unpredict.c:90: function 'sds_alloc' has no function body.
ERROR: [SYNCHK 200-41] C:/Users/vrenard/Desktop/Decoder_123/lin_dec/decompressor/src/unpredict.c:90: unsupported pointer reinterpretation from type 'i8*' to type 'unsigned short'.
ERROR: [SYNCHK 200-42] C:/Users/vrenard/Desktop/Decoder_123/lin_dec/decompressor/src/unpredict.c:91: pointer comparison is not supported.
ERROR: [SYNCHK 200-71] C:/Users/vrenard/Desktop/Decoder_123/lin_dec/decompressor/src/utils.c:275: function 'f_open' has no function body.
ERROR: [SYNCHK 200-71] C:/Users/vrenard/Desktop/Decoder_123/lin_dec/decompressor/src/utils.c:297: function 'f_write' has no function body.
ERROR: [SYNCHK 200-71] C:/Users/vrenard/Desktop/Decoder_123/lin_dec/decompressor/src/utils.c:379: function 'f_close' has no function body.
ERROR: [SYNCHK 200-71] C:/Users/vrenard/Desktop/Decoder_123/lin_dec/decompressor/src/unpredict.c:134: function 'sds_free' has no function body.

Could you please help me to be able to use these functions in Debug mode.

Thank you in advance.

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