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Registered: ‎04-07-2016

SDSoC installation missing GDB?

I installed the Vivado SDSoC tools from the package: Xilinx_SDIntegrator_2014.4_SDSoC_0227_1, and I've been running through the tutorials in the Getting Started guide (attached) that came with it, in order to trial the SDSoC process. I'm able to compile software for the ARM core, deploy via direct copy to the SD card, and to "compile" functions for hardware, as instructed. However, I cannot debug my applications on my Zynq ZC702 evaluation board because gdb isn't installed on my system. Running ayn debug process results in the error "cannot run program 'gdb': Launching failed" (see attached screenshot). "where gdb", "which gdb" and "gdb" all fail in both the SDSoC terminal and the regular cmd. 


1) is the SDSoC installer supposed to install and configure GDB?  If not, is there a separate installer, or a document regarding a manual installation?

2) is the SDSoC installation dependent on a pre-existing Vivado installation?

3) am I missing a step somewhere?


Thanks in advance



SDSoC Release Version: 2014.4 

JTAG connectors:

1) used the built-in Diligent USB, and verified that the driver is installed, with the JTAG mode set to 01: Diligent

2) tried a Xilinx Platform Cable USB II after installing drivers pulled from a full Vivado installation on another computer, with the JTAG mode set to 11: JTAG 20-pin

ZC702 (Zynq-7000) Evaluation Kit

Following tutorials in the attached "SDSoC Getting Started" PDF, particularly Chapter 4: Tutorial: Debugging your system (page 45)

Dev system: Windows 7 PC (64-bit)


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Looks like you are using a pretty old version of the tools. Can you upgrade to the latest version of the tools?

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