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Registered: ‎08-22-2018

Zybo and SDx 2018.2 - licensing, Platform Configuration issues?

I have the Digilent Zybo from a few years back (not one of the two newer generation boards they offer). I used the SDSoC voucher to obtain a license when I purchased the board.  Yesterday I installed the 2018.2 version of SDSoC, much newer obviously than the version that was available when I bought the board.  I also see that Digilent has some limited Zybo platform configuration files on their gitHub, which I downloaded.


When I bring up SDx 2018.2 and click "Add Custom Platform" I get a few problems. I  get a “License Error” dialog “The SDx project flow requires either an SDSoC or SDAccel license. Launch the ‘License Manager’ to acquire license. Do you want to acquire a license now?”  I know my voucher license is still good, I downloaded the .lic file and copied it into .Xilinx directory.

In VLM a bunch of the licenses show red or yellow in the “Version Limit” column as 2018.01. Do I need to install that (or an earlier) version of SDx? I just grabbed the latest when I was installing it yesterday, so I got 2018.2.

When I do get to the Platform Repositories dialog, and I point it to the (older) Zybo platform files I downloaded from Digilent’s github site, I get  “No Platforms Found.” So I wonder if this is a license issue, a version issue, or some of each.

When I open the SDx shell and type "sdscc -sds-pf-list" I see the follwing:

  • zed
  • zc702
  • zcu104
  • zcu102
  • zcu106
  • zc706

all of which appear to be Xilinx boards, nothing from Digilent.





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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎03-31-2011

If you are using the Zybo Github files from here:


They were designed for 2017.4


The voucher license might be for a specific release as well, but I'm not sure about that. I found some info:  With the Voucher you get license for Vivado and it's updates for a year since the date of purchase. So it's likely it won't work with the 2018.2 release since that's more than a year from your purchase.  


Sounds like 2017.4 tools is the way to go.

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Registered: ‎08-22-2018

Thanks Tanders. I backed off one version, only to 2018.1, and had the same result. I'll try your suggestion of going all the way back to 2017.4.  My voucher license updates were actually extended by a year by Xilinx tech support so that's showing an end date of 31 Jan 2019 now.

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