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Observer kiniman_2000
Registered: ‎10-21-2018

xfOpenCV pass from scalar to xf::Mat issue

Hello, I have the below code, trying to convert a picture to grayscale with Converttogrey function and I am using xfopencv library. I have used a similar function with hls library and it works, but with xfopencv I can´t use the operator >> or write.

void converttogrey(xf::Mat<TYPE, HEIGHT, WIDTH, NPC1> &img_in,xf::Mat<TYPE, HEIGHT, WIDTH, NPC1> &img_out){

	RGB_PIX pin;	// scalar 3, unsigned char
	GREY_PIX pout;	// scalar 3, unsigned char
	Pixel grey_val;	// integer 10 bits

	L_row: for(int row = 0; row < 512; row++) {
#pragma HLS LOOP_TRIPCOUNT min=1 max=512
		L_col: for(int col = 0; col < 512; col++) {
#pragma HLS LOOP_TRIPCOUNT min=1 max=512
#pragma HLS PIPELINE rewind

		//img_in >> pin;	//Format not valid for xfopencv library
		pin.val[0]=img_in.data[row*WIDTH + col].range(7,0);
		pin.val[1]=img_in.data[row*WIDTH + col].range(15,8);
		pin.val[2]=img_in.data[row*WIDTH + col].range(23,16);

			grey_val = const1 * pin.val[0] + const2 * pin.val[1] + const3 * pin.val[2];

			pout.val[0] = grey_val;
			pout.val[1] = grey_val;
			pout.val[2] = grey_val;

				   //img_out << pout; Format not valid for xfopencv library
			//img_out.data[row * WIDTH + col] = pout.val;  //Return a black image
			img_out.data[row * WIDTH + col].range(7,0) = pout.val[0];
			img_out.data[row * WIDTH + col].range(15,8) = pout.val[1];
			img_out.data[row * WIDTH + col].range(23,16) = pout.val[2];									}

I am getting an error because of the last 3 lines, but I don´t find a way to pass from the scalar "pout" to the xf:mat "img_out". Could you please help with this?

Stream '_dst.data.V'  failed dataflow checking: it cannot be read and written in the same function:  'converttogrey'.
ERROR: [HLS 200-70] Pre-synthesis failed.


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-20-2018

Re: xfOpenCV pass from scalar to xf::Mat issue

Hi @kiniman_2000 

As there is dataflow error, I suggest to first complete the code migration and when your application is working then apply optimization techniques (eg. Pragma) so we can narrow down the exact issue.

Best Regards,
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